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Looking towards the future

Dec 06, 2021

We are extremely happy to announce that thanks to our partnership with shipyard "Odessos" we are now one of the first workshops in bulgarian shipyard industry using renewable energy as our main power source!

Looking towards the future

Our first collaboration with Navy

Dec 06, 2021

We strive to move forward everyday! This way we keep gaining trust of more and more clients. Today we started our fist collaboration with bulglarian navy. We keep moving forward and "we keep your engines running!"

Our first collaboration with navy

Remote control system and Yanmar NZ-61 governor overhauling

Jun 25, 2021

Our bulgarian team did a great job once again! Remote control system valves and cylinders have been overhauled and properly tested as well as DG governors type Yanmar NZ-61.

Remote control system and Yanmar NZ-61 governor overhauling